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Servo Association

The GOALS of the SERVO association are: 



- To combine agriculture and nature with pastoral counselling, social and educational activities.

- To promote pastoral counseling



1. Pastoral counseling program:


 - Aimed to people who suffer from stress, depression, nervous breakdown, etc. the program combines professional and pastoral help with excellent farm life conditions, as well as tranquility, regular life style, contact with nature and animals and physical work.



2. Social Activity:



 - The social reintegration program is intended for people who concluded their therapeutic program.

 - Educaional programs are intended for high-risk children or youngsters.



3. Educational activities for youngsters (Primary Schools, Sunday Schols, etc):


Due to the urban and technological society we live in, we totally lost contact with nature and agriculture (our origin) and as a consequence we also lost a source of important lessons for our lives. Therefore, we want to re-establish this contact with nature and agriculture through several educational and playful activities, to promote a more positive attitude towards nature so we can learn from it once again. 

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