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Our goal is to build brigdes between the city and the countryside, the urban and the farmer, creation and Creator... for an improved lifestyle...

Bearing this in mind, we offer several possibilities for individuals and for groups until 40 people, always exploring one or more of the next areas: -


-Action: Work in Nature and on the farm, for instance, cutting thistles, opening paths in the woods, prune, etc.


-Relaxation: Contacts with animals, the silence of nature, feel the strength of the elements and live by the rhythm of the cows and nature.


-Orientation: learn and experience the lessons that agriculture and nature tell us without words, learn again how to deal with the challenge of lifes' limits.

Attend lectures and debates about issues related to nature, agriculture and pastoral counselling. (For individuals, couples and families there is the possibility for a personalized pastoral orientation*)



-Possibility for field trips with guided tour through the farm. This includes a lesson about nature, agriculture, milk production and its relevance in everyday life.

-Course of Pastoral Counselling-Social reinsertion-Free Time Activities in the summer in our big tents for marginal children and youngsters-Temporary accommodation in cases of depression and breakdownAccommodation:


-Rooms with several capacities (1-4) and varied interiors

-Big Dining Hall/Conference Hall (capacity: 40 people)

-Open Kitchen

-Individual countryside house

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