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What is a 'Living School'?



It's not like the common school we know, where they just pass information; our mind hasn't been designed just to be an information warehouse. The Living School is an experience with meaning.


 As the technological development progresses, which controls and makes our lives easier, we lose the meaning and purpose of our existence. We have become used to overvalue artificial things and neglect the natural ones.


 The result of this is that our life becomes more and more isolated: a life where we receive and pass information and the reality is reduced to images on a screen.

 We, at the Courela da Ponte-Velha, want to challenge you to leave your virtual world behind and to enter the real world of the living school. You will find yourself as an 'alien' that has just landed on our planet.

But...we want to be your guide in this fascinating reality, hiking through the nature and the fields where you can feel part of its amazing beauty. You will feel very tiny under the vast sky of stars. Open your ears to, at the silence, listen to the concert of thousands of natural instruments.


 You will find out that nature is more than just a picknick place. It's a world full of life, colours, smells, sounds and flavours. We will discover the people who work there and produce our daily bread, (in our case, daily milk), they will tell you there's no harvest without sowing and work and what this means to our lives.

 We will talk about the correlation between our lifestyle and our physical and mental wellbeing, and that of our planet; the problems that exist and their solution: the economy of "enough".


 Ultimately, you will find life behind your screen!

Living School

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